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Volume 4 Issue 1

S. No.

Article Title & Authors (Vol. 4, Issue. 1, July-2012)                                                                                Page No’s


Investigation of Some Structural Behaviors of Suspension Footbridges with Soil-Structure Interaction

Hadi Moghadasi Faridani, Leili Moghadasi   1-14


Design of Advanced Electronic Biomedical Systems

Roberto Marani and Anna Gina Perri 15-25


Efficiency Improvement of Nigeria 330KV Network using Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System

(FACTS) Devices

Omorogiuwa Eseosa, Friday Osasere Odiase 26-41


Hybrid Modeling of Power Plant and Controlling using Fuzzy P+ID with Application

Marwa M. Abdulmoneim, Magdy A.S. Aboelela, and  Hassen T. Dorrah 42-53


Crosstalk Analysis of a FBG-OC based Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer for WDM Crossconnects System

Nahian Chowdhury, Shahid Jaman, Rubab Amin, Md. Sadman Sakib Chowdhury 54-67


Wave Propagation Characteristics on a Covered Conductor

Asha Shendge 68-74


Optimizing the Rest Machining During HSC Milling of Parts with Complex Geometry

Rezo Aliyev 75-84


Simulation of a Time Dependent 2D Generator Model using Comsol Multiphysics

Kazi Shamsul Arefin, Pankaj Bhowmik, Mohammed Wahiduzzaman Rony and Mohammad Nurul Azam 85-93


Determination of Bus Voltages, Power Losses and Flows in the Nigeria 330KV Integrated Power System

Omorogiuwa Eseosa, Emmanuel A. Ogujor 94-106


Construction of Mixed Sampling Plans Indexed Through Six Sigma Quality Levels with TNT-(n1, n2; c) Plan

as Attribute Plan

R. Radhakrishnan and J. Glorypersial 107-115


Well-Organized Ad-Hoc Routing Protocol based on Collaborative Trust-based Secure Routing

Abdalrazak T. Rahem, H K Sawant 116-125


Design of Non-Linear Controlled ZCS – QR Buck Converter using GSSA

S. Sriraman, M. A. Panneerselvam 126-140


An Approach for Secure Energy Efficient Routing in MANET

Nithya .S and Chandrasekar .P 141-150


Low Power Sequential Elements for Multimedia and Wireless Communication Applications

B. Kousalya 151-164


A Chaos Encrypted Video Watermarking Scheme for the Enforcement of Playback Control

K. Thaiyalnayaki and R. Dhanalakshmi 165-175


An Inventory Model for Inflation Induced Demand and Weibull Deteriorating Items

Srichandan Mishra, Umakanta Misra, Gopabandhu Mishra, Smarajit Barik, Susant Kr. Paikray 176-182


Improvement of Dynamic Performance of Three Area Hydro-Thermal System Interconnected with AC-Tie Line

Parallel with HVDC Link in Deregulated Environment

L. ShanmukhaRao, N. Venkata Ramana 183-191


A Hybrid Model for Detection and Elimination of Near- Duplicates Based on Web Provenance for Effective Web


Tanvi Gupta and Latha Banda 192-205


Stable Operation of A Single - Phase Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Converter

V. Komali and P. Pawan Puthra 206-216


Technical Viability of Holographic Film on Solar Panels for Optimal Power Generation

S. N. Singh, Preeti Saw, Rakesh Kumar 217-225


Texture and Color Intensive Biometric Multimodal Security using Hand Geometry and Palm Print

A. Kirthika and S. Arumugam 226-235


A Review on Need of Research and Close Observation on Cardiovascular Disease in India

Chinmay Chandrakar and Monisha Sharma 236-243


Modulation and Control Techniques of Matrix Converter

M. Rameshkumar, Y. Sreenivasa Rao and A. Jaya laxmi 244-255


Error Vector Rotation using Kekre Transform for Efficient Clustering in Vector Quantization

H. B. Kekre, Tanuja K. Sarode and Jagruti K. Save 256-264


P-Spice Simulation of Split DC Supply Converter

Rajiv Kumar, Mohd. Ilyas, Neelam Rathi 265-270


Analysis and Improvement of Air-Gap Between Internal Cylinder and Outer Body in Automotive Shock Absorber

Deep R. Patel, Pravin P. Rathod, Arvind S. Sorathiya 271-279


ACK based Scheme for Performance Improvement of Ad-Hoc Network

Mustafa Sadeq Jaafar, H. K. Sawant 280-286


Design of a Squat Power Operational Amplifier by Folded Cascade Architecture

Suparshya Babu Sukhavasi, Susrutha Babu Sukhavasi, S. R. Sastry Kalavakolanu, Lakshmi Narayana,

Habibulla Khan 287-297


Effect of Distribution Generation on Distribution Network and Compare with Shunt Capacitor

S. Pazouki and R. F. Kerendian 298-303


Preventive Aspect of Black Hole Attack in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Rajni Tripathi and Shraddha Tripathi 304-313


Design and Implementation of Radix-4 based High Speed Multiplier for ALU’s using Minimal Partial Products

S. Shafiulla Basha, Syed. Jahangir Badashah 314-325


Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Model for Predicting the Cold Compressive Strength of Iron Ore Pellet

Manoj Mathew, L P Koushik, Manas Patnaik 326-334


Performance Analysis of Various Energy Efficient Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)

S. Anandamurugan, C. Venkatesh 335-346


Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Compensation of Voltage SAG and SWELL: A Literature Review

Anita Pakharia, Manoj Gupta 347-355


Iris Recognition using Discrete Wavelet Transform

Sanjay Ganorkar and Mayuri Memane 356-365


HONEYMAZE: A Hybrid Intrusion Detection System

Divya and Amit Chugh 366-375


Tumour Demarcation by using Vector Quantization and Clubbing Clusters of Ultrasound Image of Breast

H. B. Kekre and Pravin Shrinath 376-385


Hierarchical Routing with Security and Flow Control

Ajay Kumar V, Manjunath S S, Bhaskar Rao N 386-391


Linear Bivariate Splines Based Image Reconstruction using Adaptive R-Tree Segmentation

Rohit Sharma, Neeru Gupta and Sanjiv Kumar Shriwastava 392-404


Recent Trends in Ant based Routing Protocols for MANET

S.B. Wankhade and M.S. Ali 405-413


Efficient Usage of Waste Heat from Air Conditioner

M. Joseph Stalin, S. Mathana Krishnan, G. Vinoth Kumar 414-423


Facial Expression Classification using Statistical, Spatial Features and Neural Network

Nazil Perveen, Shubhrata Gupta and Keshri Verma 424-435


Acoustic Echo Cancellation using Independent Component Analysis

Rohini Korde, Shashikant Sahare (REMOVED) 436-442


Advanced Speaker Recognition

Amruta Anantrao Malode and Shashikant  Sahare 443-455


Design of First Order and Second Order Sigma Delta Analog to Digital Converter

Vineeta Upadhyay and Aditi Patwa 456-464


Comparative Study of Bit Error Rate (BER) for MPSK-OFDM in Multipath Fading Channel

Abhijyoti Ghosh, Bhaswati Majumder, Parijat Paul, Pinky Mullick, Ishita Guha Thakurta and Sudip Kumar Ghosh 465-474


Speed Control of Induction Motor using Vector or Field Oriented Control

Sandeep Goyat, Rajesh Kr. Ahuja 475-482


Bounds for the Complex Growth Rate of a Perturbation in a Couple-Stress Fluid in the Presence of Magnetic

Field in a Porous Medium

Ajaib S. Banyal and Monika Khanna 483-491


Electric Power Management using ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network

Rajesh V. Sakhare, B. T. Deshmukh 492-500


Comparative Analysis of Energy-Efficient Low Power 1-bit Full Adders at 120nm Technology

Candy Goyal, Ashish Kumar 501-509


Statistical Parameters Based Feature Extraction Using Bins with Polynomial Transform of Histogram

H. B. Kekre and Kavita Sonawane 510-524


Sensitivity Approach to Improve Transfer Capability Through Optimal Placement of TCSC and SVC

G. Swapna, J. Srinivasa Rao, J. Amarnath 525-536


Liquid Level Control by using Fuzzy Logic Controller

Dharamniwas, Aziz Ahmad, Varun Redhu and Umesh Gupta 537-549


Application of Solar Energy using Artificial Neural Network and Particle Swarm Optimization

Soumya Ranjita Nayak, Chinmaya Ranjan Pradhan, S.M.Ali, R .R. Sabat 550-560


Design of Low Power Viterbi Decoder using Asynchronous Techniques

T. Kalavathi Devi and C. Venkatesh 561-570


Fuel Monitoring and Vehicle Tracking using GPS, GSM and MSP430F149

Sachin S. Aher and Kokate R. D. 571-578


New Perturb and Observe MPPT Algorithm and Its Validation using Data from PV Module

Bikram Das, Anindita Jamatia, Abanishwar Chakraborti, Prabir Rn. Kasari & Manik Bhowmik 579-591


Experimental Investigation on Flux Estimation and control in a Direct Torque Control Drive

Bhoopendra Singh, ShailendraJain, Sanjeeet Dwivedi 592-599


Improving Scalability Issues using GIM in Collaborative Filtering based on Tagging

Shaina Saini and Latha Banda 600-610


A Criticality Study by Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) Procedure in Lincoln V350 Pro

Welding Machine

Aravinth .P, Muthu Kumar .T, Arun Dakshinamoorthy, Arun Kumar .N 611-617


Application of Value Engineering for Cost Reduction – A Case Study of Universal Testing Machine

Chougule Mahadeo Annappa and Kallurkar Shrikant Panditrao 618-629


Vibration Analysis of a Variable Length Blade Wind Turbine

Tartibu L.K., Kilfoil M. and Van Der Merwe A.J. 630-639


Challenges of Electronic Waste Management in Nigeria

Y.A. Adediran and A. Abdulkarim 640-648


Modal Testing of a Simplified Wind Turbine Blade

Tartibu L.K., Kilfoil M. and Van Der Merwe A.J. 649-660


M-Band Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform for Texture Image Indexing and Retrieval

K. N. Prakash and K. Satya Prasad 661-671


Investigation of Drilling Time V/S Material Thickness using Abrasive Waterjet Machining

Nivedita Pandey, Vijay Pal and Jitendra Kr. Katiyar         672-678


Control of DC Capacitor Voltage in a Dstatcom using Fuzzy Logic Controller

N.M.G. Kumar, P. Sangameswara Raju and P.Venkatesh        679-690

Full Volume 4 Issue 1