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Volume 5 Issue 2

S. No.

Article Title & Authors (Volume 5, Issue 2, January-2013)               Page No’s


Residual Income Measure of Housing Affordability

Norazmawati Md. Sani 1-8


An Intelligent System for Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring on Remote Multi-Patients in Real Time

Roberto Marani and Anna Gina Perri 9-22


The Challenges of Applying Distributed Agile Software Development: A Systematic Review

Abdullah Saad Alqahtani, John David Moore, David K Harrison, and Bruce M Wood 23-36


Logic Codes Generation and Transmission using an Encoding-Decoding System

D. Gifany, I. S. Amiri, M. Ranjbar, J. Ali 37-45


Benefits of Cloud Computing for Network Infrastructure Monitoring Service

Ahmed S. Al-Masah and Ali M. Al-Sharafi 46-51


Energy and Exergy Analysis of a Geothermal Power Station with Two-Phase Closed Thermosyphon System

in an Organic Rankine Cycle

Milad Khorami, Bahram Mehrasa, Masoud Khorami 52-62


Comparison of Soxhlet Extraction, Microwave-Assisted Extraction and Ultrasonic Extraction for the

Determination of PCBs Congeners in Spiked Soils by Transformer Oil (ASKAREL)

Ahmed HALFADJI, Abdelkrim TOUABET, and Ahmed-Yacine BADJAH-HADJ-AHMED 63-75


Design and Experimental Investigation of 60O Pressure Swirl Nozzle for Penetration Length and

Cone Angle at Different Pressure

Kamlesh Chaudhari, Digvijay Kulshreshtha and Salim Channiwala 76-84


Growth and Characterization of a Non-Linear Optical Crystal: Thiourea Added L-Histidine Crystals

S. Nalini Jayanthi, A. R. Prabhakaranc, D. Subashinid, K. Thamizharasan 85-92


Performance Analysis of Adaptive Antenna System in LTE (4G) using OFDM Technique

Md. Yasin Ali1, Liton Chandra Paul 93-99


Study of Biodiesel as a Fuel for CI Engines and its Environmental Effects: A Research Review

Mukesh Kumar, Onkar Singh 100-107


EWSN Based Reliable Transmission using Mobile Data Collector Node

Suruchi Nannaware, P. K. Deshmukh, R. A. Deshmukh 108-112


Chemical effects on Ecology in Mesospheric Dynamics and Applications

Vivekanand Yadav and R. S. Yadav 113-121


Artificial Neural Network Modelling for Estimation of Concentration of Ni (II) and Cr (VI) Present in

Aqueous Solution

S. L. Pandharipande1, Aarti R. Deshmukh2 and Rohit Kalnake 122-131


Evaluation of Corrosion Properties of AL 2024 Based Hybrid MMC’S

Prabhakar Bandeppa Kammar, H. K. Shivanand, Santhosh Kumar. S 132-138


Detecting Gear Tooth Cracks using Cepstral Analysis in Gearbox of Helicopters

Leila.Nacib,  Komi Midzodzi.Pekpe and Saadi Sakhara 139-145


Transformer Winding Faults - A Novel Approach of Recognition

V.Thiyagarajan, V.Sekar 146-154


A Physics based Model of Inversion Charge Sheet (ICS) for Nanoscale Biaxial Strained – Silicon

NMOSFET Including Quantum Mechanical Effect (QME)

Shiromani Balmukund Rahi, and Garima Joshi 155-161


Implementation and Simulation of CMOS Two Stage Operational Amplifier

D. Nageshwarrao, K. Suresh Kumar, Y. Rajasree Rao, G. Jyothi 162-167


Redundant Cache Data Eviction in a Multi-Core Environment

Muthukumar S and P. K. Jawahar 168-175


New Trends in Food Processing

V.Mathavi, G.Sujatha, S. Bhavani Ramya, B. Karthika Devi 176-187


A Survey of Wireless Communication using Visible Light

M. V. Bhalerao, S. S. Sonavane, V. Kumar 188-197


Using Visual Displays to Stimulate Creativity: Implications for Engineering Design

Bagher Hoseini, Farhang Mozaffar, Maryam Azimi 198-206


Simulation and Analysis of Novel Cascaded Z Source Inverter

Surya Suresh Kota, Vishnu Prasad Muddineni, Adithya Kumar Dadiboina and Gopilatha Venna 207-215


Simulation and Synthesis of 32-Bit Multiplier using Configurable Devices


Dinesh Kumar and Girish Chander Lall 216-223


MRI Denoising and Enhancement Based on Optimized Single-Stage Principle Component Analysis

Amutha .S, Ramesh Babu D.R, Ravi Shankar, Harish Kumar.N 224-230


Analysis of Exposure Parameter of Flexography Sheet Photopolymer Plates


Manisha S. Deshpande and Sameer S. Deshpande 231-237


Search Engine with Parallel Processing and Incremental K-Means for Fast Search and Retrieval

Krishna Kiran Kattamuri and Rupa Chiramdasu 238-244


Structural, Dielectric, Ferroelectric and Magnetic Properties of Mn-Doped BiFeO3 Nanoparticles

Synthesized by Sol-Gel Method

Ghanshyam Arya, Ashwani Kumar, Mast Ram and Nainjeet Singh Negi 245-252


A Novel Triple-band Electromagnetic Bandgap (EBG)  Structure

Huynh Nguyen Bao Phuong1 , Dao Ngoc Chien2 and Tran Minh Tuan 253-262


Emission Control by using Water Emulsified Diesel in Single Cylinder Diesel Engine

Pradeep S. Kumar, Venkatesh B, Rajeswari B, Veeranjaneya L. Reddy, and ShaValli P.S. Khan 263-273


Review on DS SS-CDMA Transmitter and Receiver for Ad Hoc Network using VHDL Implementation

Bramha Swaroop Tripathi1, Monika Kapoor 274-279


Image Retrieval using Co-Occurrence Matrix & Texton Co-Occurrence Matrix for High Performance

Sunita P. Aware 280-291


Zero Inflated Negative Binomial for Modeling Heavy Vehicle Crash Rate on Indian Rural Highway

A.K.Sharma, V.S.Landge 292-301


An Intelligent Embedded System for Pay Phones to Detect Cyber Crimes

J. Nandini Meeraa, N.Indhuja, S. Devi Abirami and K. Rathina Kumar 302-310


Contractor Selection with Risk Assessment by using AHP Fuzzy Method

Seyed Ali Tabatabaei Khodadadi, B. Dean Kumar 311-318


Adaptive Power Line Interference Canceller: A Survey

Abhay R. Kasetwar1, Sanjay M. Gulhane 319-326


Dynamic Scheduling of Data using Genetic Algorithm in Cloud Computing

A. Kaleeswaran, V. Ramasamy, P. Vivekanandan 327-334


VFTO Studies Duo to the Switching Operation in GIS 132KV Substation and Effective Factors in Reducing

These Over Voltages

Shohreh Monshizadeh 335-346


Analytical Vibrating Solutions of the New Designed Car with the Comparisons

Khashayar Teimoori, Muhammad Hassani, Milad Khorami, Salar Mirzaei, Ali Sahebi 347-355


Review of Different Approaches for Privacy Scheme in Vanets

Sapna S. Kaushik 356-363


Automatic Recognition of the License-Plate Location based on Optical Flow and Neural Networks for

Arabic and Farsi Characters

Mohammad Rahimi, Amin Bahrami and Aboalfazl Chamanmotlagh 364-372


Microarray Gene Expression Data Analysis using Enhanced K-Means Clustering Method

Muhammad Rukunuddin Ghalib, Rittwika Ghosh, Priti Sasmal, Udisha Pande 373-380