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Volume 5 Issue 1

S. No.

Article Title & Authors (Volume 5, Issue 1, November-2012)        Page No’s


Novel 3D Matching Self-Localisation Algorithm

Miguel Pinto, A. Paulo Moreira, Aníbal Matos, Héber Sobreira 1-12


Nanofluid Thermal Conductivity-A Review

Ravi Sankar. B, Nageswara Rao. D, Srinivasa Rao. Ch. 13-28


Improved Performance of Helixchanger over Segmental Baffle Heat Exchanger using Kern’s Method

Sunil Kumar Shinde, Mustansir Hatim Pancha and S. Pavithran 29-39


Establishment of an Empirical Model that Correlates Rainfall- Intensity- Duration-Frequency for

Makurdi Area, Nigeria

Martins Okey Isikwue, Sam Baba Onoja and Kefas J. Laudan 40-46


Fastica Based Blind Source Separation for CT Imaging under Noise Conditions

Rohit Kumar Malik and Ketaki Solanki 47-55


Improvement of Transient Stability Through SVC

V. Ganesh, K. Vasu, K. Venkata Rami Reddy, M. Surendranath Reddy and T. Gowri Manohar 56-66


Simulation of Secure AODV in Gray Hole Attack for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network

Onkar V. Chandure, Aditya P. Bakshi, Saudamini P. Tidke, Priyanka M. Lokhande 67-76


Certain Investigations on Gravity Waves in the Mesospheric Region

Vivekanand Yadav and R. S. Yadav 77-83


Analytical Modelling of Supercharging Diesel Radial Centrifugal Compressors with Vanes-Based Diffuser

Waleed F. Faris, Hesham A. Rakha, Raed M. Kafafy, Moumen Idres,

Salah A.M. Elmoselhy [Withdrawn by Author] 84-106


Hybrid Lean-Agile Design of Mobile Robots

Salah A.M. Elmoselhy [Withdrawn by Author] 107-121


Pressure Drop of CuO-Base Oil Nanofluid Flow inside an Inclined Tube

Mahdi Pirhayati, Mohammad Ali Akhavan-Behabadi, Morteza Khayat 122-129


A Maximum Power Point Tracking Method based on Artificial Neural Network for A PV System

Abdessamia Elgharbi, Dhafer Mezghani, Abdelkader Mami  130-140


An Elaboration of Quantum Dots and its Applications

Sambeet Mishra, Bhagabat Panda, Suman Saurav Rout 141-145


Analysis and Evaluation of Cognitive Behavior in Software Interfaces using an Expert System

Saad Masood Butt & Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad 146-154


An Innovative Approach and Design Issues for New Intelligent E-Learning System

Gopal Sakarkar, Shrinivas Deshpande, Vilas Thakare 155-162


Low Transition Test Pattern Generator Architecture for Mixed Mode Built-In-Self-Test (BIST)

P. Sakthivel, K. Nirmal Kumar, T. Mayilsamy 163-175


Cryptography Scheme of an Optical Switching System using Pico/Femto Second Soliton Pulse

I. S. Amiri, M. Nikmaram, A. Shahidinejad, J. Ali 176-184


Comparison of Different Stress-Strain Models for Confined Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) under

Axial Compression

P. Srilakshmi and M. V. Seshagirirao 185-193


A Study on Electronic Document Management System Integration Needs in the Public Sector

Toms Leikums 194-205


Special Dynamical Solutions of the Wheels of New Designed Car Body

KhashayarTeimoori and Muhammad Hassani 206-217


An Assessment of Distributed Generation Islanding Detection Methods

Chandra Shekhar Chandrakar, Bharti Dewani, Deepali Chandrakar 218-226


Study of Widely used Treatment Technologies for Hospital Wastewater and their Comparative Analysis

Jafrudeen and Naved Ahsan 227-240


Implementation of the Hybrid Lean-Agile Manufacturing System Strategic Facet in Automotive Sector

Salah A.M. Elmoselhy [Withdrawn by Author] 241-258


Mechanical Evaluation of Joining Methodologies in Multi Material Car Body

Irfan Dost, Shoukat Alim Khan, Majid Aziz 259-268


Improved AODV based on Link Quality Metrics

Balaji V, V. Duraisamy 269-275


Improvement of Power Quality of a Distributed Generation Power System

Aruna Garipelly 276-287


Finding Critical Buckling Load of Rectangular Plate using Integrated Force Method

G. S. Doiphode and S. C. Patodi 288-297


Influence of type of Chemical Admixtures on Sand and Cement Content of Ordinary Grade Concrete

M. K. Maroliya 298-302


Enhancement of Safety Performance at Construction Site

Aref Charehzehi, Alireza Ahankoob 303-312


A Modified Swifter Start Algorithm for Evaluating High Bandwidth Delay Product Networks

Ehab Aziz Khalil 313-325


Influence of Soil-Industrial Effluents Interaction on Subgrade Strength of an Expansive Soil-

A Comparative Study

A. V. Narasimha Rao, M. Chittaranjan 326-335


Implementation of Browser based IDE to Code in the Cloud

Lakshmi M. Gadhikar, Deepa Vincent, Lavanya Mohan, Megha V. Chaudhari 336-348


Hamming Distance based Compression Techniques with Security

Atul S. Joshi, Prashant R. Deshmukh 349-353


Association Models for Prediction with Apriori Concept

Smitha.T,   V.Sundaram 354-360


A Study OF Multiple Human Tracking for Visual Surveillance

Shalini Agarwal, Shaili Mishra 361-374


Modelling and Parametric Study of Gas Turbine Combustion Chamber

M. Sadrameli & M. Jafari 375-386


Statistical Techniques in Anomaly Intrusion Detection System

Hari Om & Tanmoy Hazra 387-398


Abrasive Wear Behaviour of Bamboo-Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites using Taguchi Approach

Raghavendra Yadav Eagala, Allaka Gopichand, Gujjala Raghavendra, Sardar Ali S 399-405


A Multiple Kernel Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm for Brain MR Image Segmentation

M. Ganesh and V. Palanisamy 406-415


Feature Extraction using Histogram of Radon Transform for Palmprint Matching

Jitendra Chaudhari, Pradeep M. Patil, Y. P. Kosta 416-421


Study of Mobile Node Based Coverage Recovery Process for WSN Deployed in Large Food Grain


Neha Deshpande & A. D. Shaligram 422-429


LBG Algorithm for Fingerprint Classification

Sudeep Thepade, Dimple Parekh, Unnati Thapar, Vandana Tiwari 430-435


Optimal Placement of SVC And STATCOM for Voltage Stability Enhancement under Contingency using

Cat Swarm Optimization

G. Naveen Kumar, M. Surya Kalavathi and R. Harini Krishna 436-447


Autonomic Traffic Lights Control using Ant Colony Algorithm

Wadhah Z. Tareq, Rabah N. Farhan 448-455


CPW Fed Slot Coupled Wideband and Multiband Antennas for Wireless Applications

Mahesh A. Maindarkar and Veeresh G. Kasabegoudar 456-461


Design and Implementation of IEEE 802.16 MAC Layer Simulator

H. M. Shamitha, H. M. Guruprasad, Kishore. M, Ramesh. K 462-469


Topology Optimization of Continuum Structures using Optimality Criterion approach in ANSYS

Dheeraj Gunwant & Anadi Misra 470-485


A Design of Robust PID Controller for Non-Minimum Network Control System

Dewashri Pansari, Balram Timande, Deepali Chandrakar 486-493


Structural and Magnetic Properties of Cu Substituted Ni Zn Nanocrystalline Ferrite Synthesis by Sol-Gel

Auto Combustion Technique [Removed by the editor]

Vidyadhar V. Awati,   Maheshkumar L. Mane , Sopan M. Rathod 494-502


Comparative Parametric Analysis for Stability of 6T and 8T SRAM Cell

Manpreet Kaur, Ravi Kumar Sharma 503-514


A Survey on Energy Efficient Server Consolidation through VM live Migration

Jyothi Sekhar, Getzi Jeba, S. Durga 515-525


Design an Energy Efficient DSDV Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Dheeraj Kumar Anand, Shiva Prakash 526-535


Semantic Web in Medical Information Systems

Prashish Rajbhandari, Rishi Gosai, Rabi C Shah, Pramod KC 536-543


Magnetic and Dielectric Properties of COxZn1-XFe2O4 Synthesized by Metallo-Organic Decomposition


Anshu Sharma, Kusum Parmar, R.K. Kotnala and N.S. Negi 544-554


Application of Metaheuristics in Transmission Network Expansion Planning-An Overview

Bharti Dewani, M.B. Daigavane, A.S. Zadgaonkar 555-561


An Efficient Variable Speed Stand Alone Wind Energy Conversion System & Efficient Control

Techniques for Variable Wind Applications

R. Jagatheesan, K. Manikandan 562-571


Fuzzy like PID Controller Tuning by Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm for Load Frequency Control in

Nonlinear Electric Power Systems

M. A. Tammam, M. A. S. Aboelela, M. A. Moustafa, A. E. A. Seif 572-583


Economic Load Dispatch using Simple and Refined Genetic Algorithm

Lily Chopra and Raghuwinder Kaur 584-590


Experimental Investigations on the Performance and   Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine using

Preheated Pongamia Methyl Ester as Fuel

Dinesha P., Mohanan P. 591-600


Analytical Model of Surface Potential and Threshold Voltage of Biaxial Strained Silicon nMosfet

including QME

Shiromani Balmukund Rahi and Garima Joshi 601-607

Full Volume 5 Issue 1